God​.​Life​.​City​.​Time EP

by The Holstar

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released March 3, 2014



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The Holstar Lusaka, Zambia

The Holstar is a pioneer in the Zambian hip-hop scene. He has been at the forefront of creating the music industry in Zambia and a vanguard in promoting and providing opportunities for fellow Zambian artists with initiatives such as the Hip Hop Foundation. ... more

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Track Name: My Life
My lifes an unfinished painting,I’m your modern day van gogh – a masterpiece that they can’t release, like they can’t throw/
A catalyst in the black abyss, his the guiding light – I thank God for Mercies cause I be shining bright/
I cake roll my brethren never take souls – dig deep into my head and I awake Gold/
Cause my Diamonds not reclining and it lives within, my building blocks are of Champions I was made to Win/
I’m a son of the African tundra, scaled the landscapes - leave footprints on our savannas/
Who’s the God of the Serengetti –take minerals but still glory lower Zambezi/
I’m just a Zambian child, born with imperfections but was born to be free/
If the norm’sto sit on rocks then I was torn from a tree, change these mad perceptions that you riddled on me/ and that’s….

Verse 2
In the day my lifes an action movie, written by colleagues directed by the pursuit to move me – In the night my lifes a romance – tip toe on digital floors asking for one more dance/
Cause my hearts been bounced and dribbled, I have done the same to renounce the amount of scribbles/
Fresh Chapters, recite ciphers cause I have battled life and killed wack factors/
So am I still a friend? Or just a pawn on your chess board a means to an end/
I will not pretend, even your beauty equated to goal posts I will not defend
I will never be a stepping stone, many have stumbled their way down – mistook my stool for a throne/
Life’s long road and on this journey on - I’d rather be home alone…

Verse 3 + Bridge
My life has seen happiness and Im trapped so I stay wrapped with this – red lights like traffic is - its life I got a knack for this – the only tragedy in life would be for me lose self respect and to miss even just half of bliss…
This life has ups and downs – its like a see saw – like a blind man – blinded at midlife wish he could see more, my lifes not a shipwreck wish it could Sea More – My birth was a big bang hold the bomb like C4.

I’m just trying make a change – so I’m living my life, my life, living my life – after all the things I’ve been through I’m just living my life, my life, living my life. X 2
Track Name: My Time
Leave traces on all surfaces, we know what our purpose is-
Trianglelate -Evangilate - circle circumference-
Speak loud but you'll always be just under us
Yes we yearn for that loot but in God we trust-
Money is the root of all evil-
But money's big speak for small people-
African Robin Hood in Lsk I'm lancelot-
London Metal Exchange - Copperbelt's the Melting Pot-
So I melt my thoughts, put em on raw paper-
shape shift the rift and get shaped up-
Can't lift the bricks and get draped up-
Built this city already, you can't make what-
No disrespect to the Undergods, this is God Hop Here- I'm an underdog..
A quiet storm bring the thunder home and my mind stays zoned in my terror dome...

Time with serenity I long to define, as flawless as Graded Diamonds as Seasoned as Wine!
I'm more like a young myself I'm my Prime - God created the straight line and you can't twist his design...
You can't seek to decline, the stones we dig in this mine, anglo american - smart on the inside - afro intelligent -
Africa for Africans but many still lacking with relevance,back to whose better then?
So if one can't give a helping hand, at least give them a pen -
they can write their wrongs from right- instead of sleep in a pen-
maybe see a better view of those we seek to defend,
No disrespect to the Undergods, this is God Hop Here- I'm an underdog...
A quiet storm bring the thunder home and my mind stays zoned in my terror dome...