Beast Meets A Problem

by Holstar and Rocbeats

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Beast Meets a Problem, ‘Old’ Meets ‘New’, Holstar of Lusaka the Rapper Teams up with Ndola’s Rocbeats the producer in what is a pairing of Epic proportions.

This 5 track EP brings out a more lyrical side of Holstar that is reminiscent of his previous work with a battle rap approach on the first two tracks, he also touches on 'personalities,' love and career. Rocbeats though considered an upcoming producer has cemented his spot as one of Zambia’s most sought after producers working with acts such as Marvel, renowned Zambian rapper Slap Dee and Kenya’s Xtatic.


released November 11, 2015

Produced by Rocbeats
Mastered by Frank Zgambo



all rights reserved


The Holstar Lusaka, Zambia

The Holstar is a pioneer in the Zambian hip-hop scene. He has been at the forefront of creating the music industry in Zambia and a vanguard in promoting and providing opportunities for fellow Zambian artists with initiatives such as the Hip Hop Foundation. ... more

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Track Name: Beast Meets A Problem Intro
That’s what happens when a Beast Meets A Problem x 4
Like a thief in the night kwa gae – mulobezi, when I’m in Paris, eat with the French
Bon appétit/
Lsk Heavyweight, Copperbelt – Masaiti – leave em shook type flows now that’s
Excuse me for that last line, it’s past time, I’m past prime, it doesn’t mean I won’t
transform into an octamus/
Blocked but they ain’t locking us, kicked but they ain’t knocking us, they labeled
every song but really they ain’t boxing us/
Lsk to Copperbelt, suckers need to cope a belt, go on twitter and subway least
you could cope a melt/
Imwe ninshi kudya ni zero, Holstar not on Top Five neka ndine riginal, Original –
Homie no I’m not regional/
Internationally known, ask PEPR, World Hip Hop Market, they say I never lit up
the game, homie I sparked it, hold the torch to this day/
It’s that Luapula waterfalls, a Beast from the East Lundazi in me it over flows,
leave you comatose kwati beregade, only Zone Fam knows smoother that
So let’s ride, who the realest on this side, you ain’t lake kariba, you’re fish fry,
raining bars you’re this dry/
Stop feeding the kids lies, see I despise, like one of the first songs I recorded/
You get dis-corded, reported you illegal fool, you get your visa depleted defeated,
your conceited your crew/
We’re the truth, Big Holstar and Roc beats, Beast meets a problem, Bigger than
suave meats/
Track Name: Beast Meets A Problem
Verse 1
Like a pedestrian, wrestling out of the chest with them, it’s a throwback the way I
Mitchell and Ness with them/
My photo-graphic memory – Kodak, they say my Rap is so 80s my punches Ko-jack/
Forget Ink I pour paint, my soul is so black, forget pain my panadol flow, animals raw –
My verbal cannons do, leave holes in fools, leave green mammals blue, reptiles – I
dissect foul!
Big Holstar, misdemeanor – engine large like a beamer, linked with Rocbeats, I’m a
Beast, he’s a problem/
You don’t really have to solve em, take over, wait’s over - Run-X rhythm in a Range
Rover and it ain’t over/
These cats get endorsed by gravity but still got to bow down, listen son it’s a wrap up!
These corny rappers stay sweet getting wrapped up/
That’s whats happens when a Beast Meets A Problem, see we ain’t going nowhere, see
we ain’t going nowhere we right here like na-na-na, like na-na-na x 2
Verse 2
Listen - My aim’s to stay consistent, in this game where cats resistant to change my rap’s
persistent, Hey - my class intrinsic/
So many superficial I ask them like, whats the issue? Man you’re too complicated…just
get simplistic!
I mastered linguistics of have tag statistics, your trash bag lyrics, I’m past that!
Visit my planet bout thirty light years away, giving raptures and fractures to bones they
can’t detach any day!
To last in this game you need a bag of bricks, to build this house in like six minutes but
no Lazarus/
I’m resurrecting this foreign art, you’re hoping won’t fall apart or fall short like the
syndrome of Napoleon Bonaparte/
I take these Poems of art, in my hand and gamble that I won’t bleed at points like rolling
See I’m still the same right from the start; see I’m still the same right from the start!
Track Name: Mum Therapy
Verse 1
Momma my friend’s a Thug and a hard head, a Superman who thinks’ he’s flyer than
Clark Kent but he ain’t ever been/
Drug’s hit hard like nevirapine, born to win but this cat thinks it’s the norm to sin/
His loose screws are amusing with two spoons in the tongue, droops booze and abusing
with new tools in the lung/
A gift to every woman he said, he’d give a gift to every woman that’s dead now/
Are you living walking or are you walking for the living, a life of books or are you giving
books life/
A whip nice, built with big lights, Big House what would it be with no good wife/
A Jerabo type it’s looking like its new money, a dunce in class homie defines the new
His has a wild style refer to him as alarm, girl if you’re next remember to keep the armor
Verse 2
Momma my friend loves to Pick and Pay, she Shops-rite and loves to play these silly
games – Who is this girl?
She must be a former black individual from the powder pack a large slap would just
cause mad residuals/
See cash is pivotal, in her life it’s mystical – twitter, facebook, instagram that’s the
She’s not even herself anymore a fraction of her real self and selfies define her wealth/
Designer clothes, fast cars but an empty fridge; a bulimic mind state and she loves the
Many men hooked, my friends shook get me off the hinge, my bank account laughs my
wallet walking on a limb/
Who will I turn to, Dear God I need to save this soul – we need saviors soul so many can
get save a hold/
Too many lack a heart of gold, watch our friends diminish we’re critics in the back and
Be yourself, you need to work it out x 3
Be yourself!
Track Name: Love Lecture
Tell me where is Love? If you never seen it and you never been there before
Tell me where is Love? If you never really felt and you never been there before (x3)
Where is Love? When a Father never held his own daughter/
Never took steps and P.E.P.S for broke water, Dear Future I’m here but where is Love?
This global manifestation got plenty refugees, thousands dying at sea but tell me where is
On Mount Kilimanjaro where Love lives, Love gives it’s never selfish/
Even if I have to scale and smell, I will sell fish/
Bad cooks baking love pies that’s a failed dish/
What is Love, lets define it to what it really means/
A strong feeling of affection, a great interest or pleasure in something/
A person or thing that one Loves, like Serena Williams smashing the Ace that is one Love/
They say God is Love, Dear God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot
Love is tolerance, I’m tolerant – Love is infinite you can never bottle it/
Love seeks company like misery does, Love gives hope, Love’s a drug and I sling dope!
No romance without finance but Love is only skin deep if you’re thinking of that fine Axx/
What is Love these days? If it is Hip Hop might not be played/
If it’s a worker it must be maid, from Love you’re never pardon like the bars of mukobeko/
Lovers say, seleni tumbombeko, they run from Love some pessimists they’ve had enough of
So give them Love even when they say they’re tired of Love and with an armor maximize
with a fitted glove/
Cause Love is deadly now, don’t wanna sing your songs like a medley now or dance on your
grave with a fake green smile/
I’d rather give you flowers while you’re still alive, so I bring it live in Lovers emporium, I’m
pouring out/
Pouring my heart on the stage and never falling out, I’m calling out potential Lovers,
potential to be/
One plus one is one not equal to three…
Track Name: Lost One
We lost one, three blind men walking, one wise man talking – here to see the son in the spirit he be the ghost and you know that I spit the most, put your glasses in the air, say cheers and give toast – we lost one.

Verse 1
So tell me what’s the cost of the game son, tell what’s the cost of the game son/
Paid the cost just to be the Boss, paid the cost just to be the Boss/
But ain’t no flossing B, you see these verses is magic but ain’t no sorcery/
They’re tossing leaves at the feet of a King, got Geppetto on the track no Pinocchio on strings/
We lost one but the world gained, how many people feel your pain? How many people will disdain cause they flow rivers and they wield this rain/
When bombs blast will my songs last in this wicked world, when bombs blast will my songs last in this wicked world/
Grown men weep, Women creep in the Night of day, children have no say see they’re sandboxed in, they’re sandboxed in/
Stones bleed but this brick is louder, they said stones bleed but this brick is louder/
I spit this chowder, they eating with their bellies full, they take your resources and get their bellies full/


Verse 2
Okay…okay…I was playing with you on the first verse, so let me reverse verse, let me reverse my verses/
From way back, the place is like Bali, we’re blacker than Mali but, but they ain’t no segregation/
The earth still shakes in Haiti but they just want to replace me, a legendary emcee preceded before my time/
I spit these words in rhyme form but never conform to this, see I was born for this – don’t even know what is the norm to this/
When bombs blast will my songs last in this wicked world, when bombs blast will my songs last in this wicked world/
Flow is so Apocalyptic the message in song in Cryptic, while they’re trying to be a statistic, I‘ll remain a mystic – I’m here!
(Never fear, even in the darkest Night, stay strong)