Family​.​Love​.​Country​.​Passion EP

by Holstar

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Holstar Presents Family, Love, Country, Passion The EP – his second EP of 2014 preceded by God, Life, City Time released in March.
Holstar delves deep on this EP highlighting personal relationships, pride and honor.


released December 25, 2014

Production Credits:- Family Values - Shinko Beats, I Cared and De La Rue - Shom-C, Fly Away - Roc Beats.



all rights reserved


The Holstar Lusaka, Zambia

The Holstar is a pioneer in the Zambian hip-hop scene. He has been at the forefront of creating the music industry in Zambia and a vanguard in promoting and providing opportunities for fellow Zambian artists with initiatives such as the Hip Hop Foundation. ... more

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Track Name: Family Values
Wanna talk about my family/
Cause I know that they'll be there for me/
Like they know that I’ll be there for them/
Through the good and even bad times/
Wanna talk about my family/
All our trials and our tribulations/
All our smiles and our vindications/
Keep our family keep our family values strong/

Verse 1
Wanna talk about my family, Moms a backbone - Pops he been gone - but he’s back now!
That’s the music you hear of pure joy up in the background/
My Big Bro V holding us down, My Big Bro E holding us down/
And they have families of their own, takes some real men to raise families and not to leave families alone/
My older Sister C made me tougher, prepared me for this world even when times got rougher - I felt no pain/
My Sister M see I feel your pain, family is family despite of distance – it’s the lack of persistence in communication/
Blood is blood in these veins see we're still connected; lets pass these jewels to the next generation/
And to my nephews and nieces family is family always/


Verse 2
As I pass through these hallways of my lifetime, I wanna see a stronger family in this lifetime/
And it’s not about just spitting a nice rhyme, I want these words to touch every family member/
Even my cousins that I never met, how you been cuz? Where you been cuz? I understand fate has kept us apart/
But through this song I touch your soul so keep it in your heart and forever it’s there like the musings of a final start/
To my extended Fam, no blood ties - but we closer than most, dips in pools where love lies, and the haters they boast/
No time for indecision and back stabbing, no time for cheap talk only the ones that loath blabbing/
It’s sad when love is lost and residuals tragic, when hearts beat with metal veins but recipients plastic/
So when time passes and I happen to catch a short pause, just realize that family is not a lost cause/

Keep our Family; Keep our family values strong x 3
Keep Our Family Value Strong…x3
Track Name: I Cared
Facebook activity Log – 2009 or is it 2010?
I can’t even remember
But yeah
How are you doing?
This one is for you…
You know who you are…

Verse 1
Well it started off online your man a mutual friend/
But I didn’t wanna indulge, I didn’t wanna offend/
I could see that you were a Beauty, more beauty than most could see/
If Beauty lies with Beholder, this Beauty is mad deep/
Can’t remember that first little message you sent/
But I remember we went on and on and on/
And I will be the first to admit, that I was taken by your gracious soul/

Do you even care, if I’m here or gone x 2
Through the rain and through the fire/
You’re always my desire and I Cared/
And I Cared/

Verse 2
Then there was that first call, a voice of an Angel/
I couldn’t believe that I was privileged enough speak/
To reach to you, somehow I could I teach/
I wanted to seek but it’s more like I preached to you/
You and dude was having problems but I didn’t care/
I just wanted to make you smile so we could be a pair/
You told me in the night hour of 03/
That you longed for my touch the right hour to hold me/
Maybe it was Dreams speaking cause you were half asleep/
And I was half as weak, so we can do the math and keep/
1 + 1 = 2 hearts 2 but one heart hurt, still on the mend and I was trying to defend/
Reached the wanted end but only reached the carpet bend/
Where friends catch feelings and talking about A plus dealings/
And I will be the first to admit, that I was taken by your gracious soul/

Verse 3
There was that first chance meeting, my eyes steady gazed/
Your eyes met mine yes! I was amazed/
You were trying to expand your reach to other parts of this world/
I was trying to expand my reach to this girl/
I understand you had values, I grew to respect that/
Set my agenda from the start, I was trying to inject that/
I could sense you had doubts but I could sense feelings too/
Can’t ignore butterflies and chemicals reciprocal/
Life like a Hype magazine where centerfolds are pivotal/
And Baby girl I wanted to make you the centre of my world/
I probably lacked the right ingredients that made your perfect man/
I had the characteristics of the dude before last but that is the past/
You never to let it go; I am Zion’s rivers this Liquids deep, you need to let it flow/
And I will be the first to admit – that we were never meant to mix as two souls.
Track Name: De La Rue
We ain’t talking bout De la rue, its Giesecke and Devrient on this avenue x 4
Verse 1
Wells it 50 years on away from colonial rule but we're still being governed by colonial tools/
Monetary policies, when will set our minds free - they said being African is poverty disease/
The age of Ebola - the age of choice so I can pick between a Benz or Corolla/
Friends on my shoulders; messiah complex - bottled water soon they're gonna bottle sex- so what is next/
No flex zone - music's digressed no wonder we're so vexed homes/
In old age homes, when will the cancer catch up from minutes these cellphones/
We already living this, we're not living bliss, so heaven call - Angels fall that I never missed /
These are the rantings of a columnist/


Verse 2
Zambia we're Fifty years young, let us groom our land/
We can do so much - with both feet and hands/
Tell our leaders they needs kulibe va chikonko/
kulibe vo kudya, tiza liza ma mpoto/
Yes indeed the land is rich where resources lie/
So take the land and grow your dreams let resources lie/
Child of the motherland, it’s your birth right/
Abuse the environment, destroy the Earth right?
Being a Black man is not a curse right? It’s a mental struggle we fight get out the Trap!
So what is Rap - it’s an Expressive form - made to feel like an outsider - so what’s the norm?
These are the rantings of a columnist/

Hook x 8
Track Name: Fly Away
Verse 1
Twas about 07 me and Pope, totally Zoned out music our hope/
Al Kani Introduced us to the homie Dope - We made the Zone Fam - Phonies couldn't cope/
Then we met Roxa - they said he was a boxer - they brought Bars, like Foreign direct cars, who wanted a masterpiece - we wanted to paint ours/
Verbal would Battle lists - he burnt scripts like an Arsonist/
Thugga the Wiz Kid Lsk wasn't ready for em - these solo cats - burn rubbers like its pirellis on em/
The Voltron Team - they wanna take mo shots but those Glean, right off the side of my head/
They wanna kill Hip Hop but it ain't Dead/

Me and the Homies we still a Team/
Since 2010 yo we shared a dream/
So we can smile today/
We built some paper planes so we could Fly Away/
Me and the Homies we still a Team/
Since 2010 Yo we shared a dream/
So we can smile today/
Believe in yourself you can Fly Away/
(Just Believe you’ll Fly Away)

Verse 2
2010 we made that full script, Teck-Zilla the Beast with Beats Ripped/
Africa was watching with Shaka Zulu On Em but all we really wanted was to chuck a dokkie on em/
30million viewers in 2011, award shows, Business Effex, it must have been heaven/
My brothers handled it well, cause even stones shine and past beefs we would never dwell/
Alky went the solo route and I became the Manager, it’s still Fam and I would never take advantage of/
Cameras flash, we wanted that money fast - but it takes more than cash to double that honey's glass/
It’s still an open chapter, the Book of Zone - live happily ever after/
It’s still SDR - they battling open wounds from the pesky bars/